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Posted by Joe Tsui on Mar 4, 2021 11:38:57 PM

NGO IT projects are hard and difficult for NGO themselves. 

We had worked with varies NGOs, and also HKJC funded projects.

We understand the limitations about these organisations

We can provide:

  • Consulting work
  • Build portal sites, blogs
  • Technical direction and technical choices selection
  • Working with IT team
  • Quotation process
  • Our previous work

Consulting work

Inside a project team, members are very familiar with their supporting audience and context about their audience. But they may not have enough digital expertise on "how" to deliver using digital medium.

Our expertise in digital can help align and direct on UX, tools, context, solutions

Our previous work

Some of our previous work


To be continue..

We are a group of experts in digital world.

We provision, plan, design, and deliver user-first digital solution which combine craftmanship and innovative thinking.

  • Digital markeing
  • Campaign design & development
  • Conversion & analytics
  • EDM
  • Google display ads

Our portfolio

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