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Which ad goals is better? sales vs leads (2020 Sept)

Posted by Joe Tsui on Sep 15, 2020 4:29:05 AM


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First, clarify some terminology, in Adwords goals:

Sales - Drive sales online, in app, by phone, or in store (“conversions” in FB)

Leads - Get leads and other conversions by encouraging customers to take action

Web traffic - Get the right people to visit your website

Goals in adwords


Goals in Facebook


There are some minor differences between these 3.


“Sales“ in ecommerce world means a transaction, 99% involves money movement, and most likely a checkout process as well.


“Leads” in ecommerce site can means “add to cart” or “subscribe to newsletter” or “add to wishlist”. Usually means user expressed some kind of interest.


Obviously only some traffic converts to “leads”, and even smaller converts to sales.


Ad platforms use their AI, visitor pattern, search queries etc to guess the user’s funnel position, and help determine the user's goal. For example, adwords may use the search query “How to use sunscreen” as a hint, link the goal to “traffic” and “leads”, but may not “sales”. In contrast, “Where to buy sunscreen” may more link to “sales” goal.


Take an example of overall conversion of 100 visits, 5 add to cart, and 1 sales, when selected “leads” and “sale” as goals, ad platform will try to drive better conversions from “higher quality leads”. They determined if the user is very likely to buy. And higher quality leads will cost more per click.


There is no rule of thumb to choose which is better. Sales goal may provide better checkout numbers, but if your site sales conversion is higher than average site, leads could provide better results.


Traffic as goal pros:

  • Lower CPC
  • Less setup


  • “Traffic convert to sales rate”might be lower
  • Need to calculate final visitor-to-sale conversion rate


Sales pro:

  • Fire and forget
  • Actuate results

Sales cons:

  • Higher cpc
  • Need more setup, as ad platform need to know your transactions




先釐清生詞,adwords 的目標:

銷售 - 推動線上銷售,在app,或電話,或在實體店 (“conversions” in FB)

潛在客戶 - 接觸潛在客戶,促成客戶付諸行動或促成交易

網站流量 - 帶領合適的訪客到你的網站



Goals in adwords


Goals in facebook




“銷售“ 在電商的世界指一個交易,99% 會有金錢的流動,通常都會有一個「結帳」的流程


“潛在客戶” 在電商的世界可以指一個「加到購物車」或「訂閱電子報」等等,表示對你的產品或服務有興趣的動作。




廣告商運用他們平台的 AI,訪客的分析,搜尋字眼等,估計出用戶在「行銷漏斗」(funnel) 的位置,決定用戶的目標。例如,一個用戶搜尋“防曬點用”,adwords 可能會將他分類為“潛在客戶”, 但未到"銷售"。但 “那裏買防曬” 和"銷售"的連結就更強了


假設轉化率為 100 訪客,5 個購物車。1個銷售,在“潛在客戶” 或 “銷售“ 為目標時,廣告商有機會將 funnel 中更深入的用戶展示你的廣告(當然要付更高的價錢),你便會得到更高的轉化率,但付的 CPC 會更高。





  • 較低 CPC
  • 設定容易


  • 流量-> 銷售率可能較低
  • 需要自己計算銷售轉化率



  • 免管理
  • 準確的結果


  • 較高 CPC
  • 需要設定,廣告平台需要知道你的交易數據

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