NGO clients and projects [2022 updated]

NGO IT projects are hard and difficult for NGO themselves. 

We had worked with varies NGOs, and also HKJC funded projects.

We understand the limitations about these organisations

We can provide:

  • Consulting work
  • Build portal sites, blogs
  • Marketing needs for self-funded projects
  • Technical direction and technical choices selection
  • Working with IT team
  • Quotation process
  • Our previous work

Consulting work

Inside a project team, members are very familiar with their supporting audience and context about their audience. But they may not have enough digital expertise on “how” to deliver using digital medium.

Our expertise in digital can help align and direct on UX, tools, context, technical solutions etc.

Build portal sites, blogs

Depending on the nature of a project, we can provide different consultation advice for your project.

For example, if the project is about a info hub, the main focus will be delivering correct, concise information, with hierarchy, categories etc to help users absorb the information. (UX)

If the project is a “tool”, for example help user match-making, or help user locate an facility, then our focus will be helping the user to complete their action with a easy-to-use “user-interface” (UI)

The border of UI UX may be not that clean, but both plays an important role, which we for sure can help NGOs, as early as the project planning phase.

Marketing needs for self-funded projects

In self-funded projects, marketing is very important and generally, a NGO is not really well equipped with the know-hows.

Our edge is about crossing commercial to NGO projects. we can bring the experience from commercial projects and enrich the NGO team, targeting different segments.

Technical direction and technical choices selection

There are many technical ways to same thing. But which one is better? how to choose?

  • Ease of development (cost) – in general we will suggest a simpler tech, so the cost of development will be lower. Seldom there is an unlimited budget project and usually the cost plays an important part when doing quotation evaluation
  • Maintenance effort – if the content will be frequently updated, a certain effort to the system should be put, so to ease the maintenance effort and lower overall lifetime cost
  • Later extension – if there is a planned later phase(s), we may need to take into consideration. Some technology is better in some specific areas.

Our previous work

Some of our previous work

To be continue..

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