ELI5: what is a marketing funnel?

Funnel is the “jargon” which we turn someone into becoming your goal (or customer). There are more even more new jargon to the funnel process itself: Awareness, interest, consideration, conversion

I use these real life examples instead of above jargon, as they are too abstract to be understand-able to me. Simply put, these are the stages of someone interacting with your product:

  1. They don’t face the problem
  2. They have the problem, but do not know there is a solution
  3. They know there is a solution, but don’t bother to solve it
    1. Feed should feed them:
      1. Save you time
      2. Easy to solve
      3. Low cost
      4. The problem is sinking you in
  4. They want to solve it, looking for the best solutions
    1. Feed should feed them:
      1. USP, feature, price
      2. Best X in the market
      3. Awards
      4. Echoing – The problem sucks
  5. They want to solve it, and know your solution is the best
    1. Feed should feed them:
      1. Buy it here, we have official import
      2. Buy it here, free delivery
      3. Buy now, we have discount
      4. Echoing – Yes, this is the correct choice, we are really the best

Obviously the above 5 groups of people need different “push” or “information” before they can proceed to the next step. So we have different tactics and focus to bring them deeper into the funnel, or convert them.

I always use the above example to explain the marketing process to my clients without them even know I am talking about the “funnel”.

In the next post we will be talking about “how do we convert them”.

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