Which ad goals is better? sales vs leads (2020 Sept)

First, clarify some terminology, in Adwords goals: Sales – Drive sales online, in app, by phone, or in store (“conversions” in FB) Leads – Get leads and other conversions by encouraging customers to take action Web traffic – Get the right people to visit your website There are some minor differences between these 3. “Sales“Continue reading “Which ad goals is better? sales vs leads (2020 Sept)”

ELI5: what is a marketing funnel?

Funnel is the “jargon” which we turn someone into becoming your goal (or customer). There are more even more new jargon to the funnel process itself: Awareness, interest, consideration, conversion I use these real life examples instead of above jargon, as they are too abstract to be understand-able to me. Simply put, these are theContinue reading “ELI5: what is a marketing funnel?”

Goal Setting & Benchmarking

Goals settings refer to “Goals” inside “Conversion” section in Google analytics. Goals settings provide a quick and easy way to validate a funnel’s conversion. Goals can be the same as KPI. E.g. number of people completed registration, Pageviews, how “engaged” visitors are in terms of page/session etc. Goal settings for convenience For example we have twoContinue reading “Goal Setting & Benchmarking”

A/B test: from our 24 months experience

We had been working with our clients to improve their sites, some of them for more than 24 variants over 24 months period. Here is some facts you may not know about A/B test: Creativity is the major factor to find a good variant The creativity involved in A/B test is highly underrated. Knowledge toContinue reading “A/B test: from our 24 months experience”

The most efficient banner ads size in 2018 (LREC, ??, ??)

Banner ads are created different. In 2017, Google display network accept 18 different animated ad size. But is there some size more effective for some mistery reasons? The answer is: YES. Google does provide recommendations to ad size: These are the most effective sizes to go when the creative starts. These are all appliable toContinue reading “The most efficient banner ads size in 2018 (LREC, ??, ??)”