Which ad goals is better? sales vs leads (2020 Sept)

First, clarify some terminology, in Adwords goals: Sales – Drive sales online, in app, by phone, or in store (“conversions” in FB) Leads – Get leads and other conversions by encouraging customers to take action Web traffic – Get the right people to visit your website There are some minor differences between these 3. “Sales“Continue reading “Which ad goals is better? sales vs leads (2020 Sept)”

Content management systems for websites (2019 updated)

A content management system help site admin edit their site without any programming skills or writing any code. Do I need a CMS to my website? It depends on: Scale of your website Frequency of change Budget: one-off or subscription-based Webmaster staff training Scale of your website Number of pages Number of languages to serveContinue reading “Content management systems for websites (2019 updated)”

Frontend development – what is it?

Frontend systems build the user interface and interacts with user. A message box, a button that darken when mouse moves over it, two or three column layout… all are powered by frontend systems. Other than that, there are many sub-categories of frontend development: Interactive development Interactive-ness take a great part in user experience. The browser should reactContinue reading “Frontend development – what is it?”

Backend development – what is it?

You may feel confused what is a Backend system, but you must understand its role in the big picture. They are the backbone everything. Backend systems are where you get your user’s contact information, online orders, provide raw data for analytics and most of the time, also a content management system. Backend system might beContinue reading “Backend development – what is it?”

A/B test – what is it? Begin in 3 steps

A/B test – is a methology to improve existing ads/landing pages/graphics that provide better results. It is a method to provide consistance improvements(so it takes time) to results, conversion rates, sales or any quantitative results. Prerequisite: basic convesion rates, numeric focused mind, ab-test glossary For example, in the contact us form, someone suggested that large submit buttonContinue reading “A/B test – what is it? Begin in 3 steps”

Never forgot one important advantage in e-commerce: automation (2017 Sep updated)

E-commerce is more than selling things online. It provides many efficiency breakthrough over traditional sales. 10 times of sales figure with the same salesforce, and the scale is not limited to the number of storefront. This is the playfield of pure knowledge. In some extreme cases, a team of 3 build up a million dollar shop, or workContinue reading “Never forgot one important advantage in e-commerce: automation (2017 Sep updated)”

Why voting is hard?

Client: Lets put on a voting there. That can shows the popular one! Us: How do you wanna vote? When marketers want to have “engagement” and “popularity index”, voting is “the mechanic” to go. But not so much by digital marketer though. The Identity Problem Voting alone is not hard, but it always has aContinue reading “Why voting is hard?”

CEO Thoughts that killing your e-commerce channel

You think you know e-commerce inside out because you buy a lot from online stores? No, you don’t. You think you know e-commerce inside out becaus e you have been in traditional retail for more than 30 years? Probably not. The following are some “common senses” that people always get wrong, so common that youContinue reading “CEO Thoughts that killing your e-commerce channel”