SF lockers API service

We had developed an API service to provide SF lockers, SF store locations in Hong Kong and Macau, in json format. If anyone wanted the service, you can now subscribe the json for HKD$40/month. After payment, the system will send you a link to the API. Sample: 我們開發了一個 API 提供順豐智能櫃,順豐點的地址,包含香港和澳門,以 json 格式提供 如有其他人有需要,可以以 HKD$40/月付費訂閱 付款完成後,系統會發出有關API連結的電郵

Content management systems for websites (2019 updated)

A content management system help site admin edit their site without any programming skills or writing any code. Do I need a CMS to my website? It depends on: Scale of your website Frequency of change Budget: one-off or subscription-based Webmaster staff training Scale of your website Number of pages Number of languages to serveContinue reading “Content management systems for websites (2019 updated)”

Frontend development – what is it?

Frontend systems build the user interface and interacts with user. A message box, a button that darken when mouse moves over it, two or three column layout… all are powered by frontend systems. Other than that, there are many sub-categories of frontend development: Interactive development Interactive-ness take a great part in user experience. The browser should reactContinue reading “Frontend development – what is it?”

Backend development – what is it?

You may feel confused what is a Backend system, but you must understand its role in the big picture. They are the backbone everything. Backend systems are where you get your user’s contact information, online orders, provide raw data for analytics and most of the time, also a content management system. Backend system might beContinue reading “Backend development – what is it?”