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A digital team is very powerful, and should also be neat. [2021 updated]

Dear retailers in 2021, Digital marketing had been all over the place since COVID. Setting up an e-shop, fan page, post regular updates, creative campaigns, chatbots, content marketing, viral videos etc. Digital marketing had quickly evolved, demanding more and more skill sets. Every year new areas pops up and add to digital marketing spectrum, and moreContinue reading “A digital team is very powerful, and should also be neat. [2021 updated]”

NGO clients and projects

NGO IT projects are hard and difficult for NGO themselves.  We had worked with varies NGOs, and also HKJC funded projects. We understand the limitations about these organisations We can provide: Consulting work Build portal sites, blogs Technical direction and technical choices selection Working with IT team Quotation process Our previous work Consulting work InsideContinue reading “NGO clients and projects”


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