A digital team is very powerful, and should also be neat. [2021 updated]

Dear retailers in 2021,

Digital marketing had been all over the place since COVID. Setting up an e-shop, fan page, post regular updates, creative campaigns, chatbots, content marketing, viral videos etc. Digital marketing had quickly evolved, demanding more and more skill sets. Every year new areas pops up and add to digital marketing spectrum, and more will pops in coming years.

Marketing team not only need a board range of skills to handle varies channels and mediums, but also knowledge in depth to stay ahead of competitors. 

But this cause a dilemma: marketing team need to know many things, most of them in depth. Some area requires experts, for example video editors/shooters/crew, web developers, graphics designers, copywriters, data scientists etc. 

A brand probably do not need some experts in full time, so it actually very common to out-source some of these, just like how a brand hire printer experts during  the old paper world.

Under this background, it will be crucial to balance which areas should be in-house, which one to out source, to make a neat yet powerful marketing team.

First of all, to communicate with vendors, coordinator(s) is needed to make sure product/brand information are correctly delivered to vendor. It is very important that the coordinator had a solid brief about the project. If the same product launch will be further split to different functional vendors, is it even more important that the coordinator oversee design direction guideline, timeline across all vendors.

Data analyst is the one who provides audits to digital marketing performance and calculate ROI. As an in-house team member, his access to sales figures and internal KPI make him special. A good data analyst can help brand perform AB tests, optimise campaigns to provide the best return on investment. Sometimes a “number-sensitive” manager can also take the role, but a dedicated analyst can spend time dive into campaigns and medium from different vendors, extract un-biased figures and adjust spendings, offer a “data-driven” marketing insight. 

Copywriter is not conclusive to be an in house member. Many brands outsource as well. But an in house member can do great help in setting up the tone and direction closest to brand team’s manner,  and deliver the message to other parties/vendors to follow, making the final provides on the same line.

Of course, each marketing team different from team to team, but a neat and “agile” marketing team benefits from this fast changing digital marketing landscape.

Disclaimer: we do provide data analyst and other digital marketing services to our clients.

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