Why you need a chatbot for your retail business

Social media had taken the customer relationship channel in 2017, and sure will continue on 2018. Customer get used to enquire information about products, promotions and events.

Under this background, chatbot will be an efficient and cost saving tool.

Customised experience

As a bot, it can acquire customer information automatically from social media and provide a customised experience. From basic custom greeting message, to gender, age customisation, even advanced learning customer preference, deliver actuate search results.

Great customised experience prove to higher purchase amount per transaction.

Conversational UI

Form filling is boring and easily distracted on a mobile device. Chatbot’s conversational UI help customer focus on one thing and help them complete the process.

Conversational UI also mock an communication experience, which is more live-ly and engaging than ordinary channels (email, contact us forms).

Standardise the communications

Cooperate communications are difficult. Customer service team finds it difficult to consistently deliver quality, on brand messages in every enquiry and channels. Once awhile there will be a message or two answered with sub-par quality.

But chatbot is rest-less and always deliver “brand-ready” messages.

Promotional materials

A low noise, high market share channel is a good marketing channel. As chatbot had the communication channel established, brand can deliver promotional materials afterwards. The channel is still relatively new to marketing, and it will be a great timing to dive in first.


Less labour is needed. Chatbot can cover low intelligence enquiries for product price, store locations, opening hours etc instantly. CS team will be freed from these repetitive operations and focus on high value services.

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