Content management system from business point of view

As a business owner, you may think, why a content management system (CMS) is needed? I (managers) passed those operations to content team and IT team anyways. Content management system (of a website or app) aims to provide non-technical team members to perform their day-to-day content update easily. To one extreme, for example, if aContinue reading “Content management system from business point of view”

Why you need a chatbot for your retail business

Social media had taken the customer relationship channel in 2017, and sure will continue on 2018. Customer get used to enquire information about products, promotions and events. Under this background, chatbot will be an efficient and cost saving tool. Customised experience As a bot, it can acquire customer information automatically from social media and provideContinue reading “Why you need a chatbot for your retail business”

Frontend development – what is it?

Frontend systems build the user interface and interacts with user. A message box, a button that darken when mouse moves over it, two or three column layout… all are powered by frontend systems. Other than that, there are many sub-categories of frontend development: Interactive development Interactive-ness take a great part in user experience. The browser should reactContinue reading “Frontend development – what is it?”

Backend development – what is it?

You may feel confused what is a Backend system, but you must understand its role in the big picture. They are the backbone everything. Backend systems are where you get your user’s contact information, online orders, provide raw data for analytics and most of the time, also a content management system. Backend system might beContinue reading “Backend development – what is it?”

Goal Setting & Benchmarking

Goals settings refer to “Goals” inside “Conversion” section in Google analytics. Goals settings provide a quick and easy way to validate a funnel’s conversion. Goals can be the same as KPI. E.g. number of people completed registration, Pageviews, how “engaged” visitors are in terms of page/session etc. Goal settings for convenience For example we have twoContinue reading “Goal Setting & Benchmarking”

A/B test: from our 24 months experience

We had been working with our clients to improve their sites, some of them for more than 24 variants over 24 months period. Here is some facts you may not know about A/B test: Creativity is the major factor to find a good variant The creativity involved in A/B test is highly underrated. Knowledge toContinue reading “A/B test: from our 24 months experience”

A/B test glossary (2021)

Experiment – alias to test. Just like a labortory experiement, it has a hypothesis (objective) to verify. Contains varients. False positive – an incorrect winning leader results from wrong statistic calculations. Leader –  the winning variant from statistic calculations. Original – Existing design/workflow on current landing page Objective – The goal, the quantitative result that need improvement. E.g. pageview,Continue reading “A/B test glossary (2021)”

A/B test – what is it? Begin in 3 steps

A/B test – is a methology to improve existing ads/landing pages/graphics that provide better results. It is a method to provide consistance improvements(so it takes time) to results, conversion rates, sales or any quantitative results. Prerequisite: basic convesion rates, numeric focused mind, ab-test glossary For example, in the contact us form, someone suggested that large submit buttonContinue reading “A/B test – what is it? Begin in 3 steps”

Google shopping ad – new ad format launched in 2017 Hong Kong

Google shopping ads just launched in Hong Kong! (2017 September) Be one of the first few brands who join this blue sea and catch the high wave of e-commerce!\ Who can join? Adwords account linked with Merchant center E-commerce sites with online checkout, deliver-to-door Non-prohibited content/products Advantages? 1. Attractive – Ads with IMAGES Because image SELL, andContinue reading “Google shopping ad – new ad format launched in 2017 Hong Kong”

Effective marketing landing page in 2018

Landing page – where the conversion happens. Generally a landing page consist of a form that have a few fields to enter, asking your customer to complete an action. Either register an event, subscribe to newsletter, buy now etc. To make conversion better, make your ad money more effective, these are some advise to take: Call-to-actionContinue reading “Effective marketing landing page in 2018”